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University of Arkansas at Little Rock Expenditure Data

The 88th General Assembly of the Arkansas Legislature enacted legislation, codified as Arkansas Code 6-61-135 PDF file, requiring state-supported Institutions of Higher Education to present expenditure data on a website operated by each institution. In compliance, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock created this website where required data will be presented at the end of each month starting July 31, 2012 and will accumulate monthly until 10 years of data is presented.

The data contained on this site is derived from general ledger accounting records and is raw, unaudited and unconsolidated data. Therefore, totals will not agree with amounts displayed in budget documents, financial statements or supporting schedules and are not intended to supplement or replace the annual audited financial report. Information that is not permissible for posting under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967 and federal laws or regulations is excluded in order to protect the privacy of individuals, in accordance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations or where it might be a violation of other protected classifications.

What are my search options?

You can search by month, quarter or year. You have the option to search by category and payee name.

How do I search by fiscal year, month and category?

Select the appropriate fiscal year by clicking on the down arrow. Choose the month, quarter or all based on the criteria for your search. Then, select the category such as Compensation, Benefits, Maintenance and Operations, Travel, Capital, or Debt Services.

How do I search for a payee?

To search for a particular payee, begin typing a name, and the auto complete function will give you options to choose from the list. Hit the search button to complete the query.

Why didn't my search return any information?

The search will not return any information if the payee does not have any expenditures during the time period selected, the payee does not exist or is a protected class under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967.

Modify the search parameters and try again.

What information appears in the payroll data provided on this site?

Gross salary for employees will be displayed unless protected under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967.

Whom should I contact if I have a question about the data on this site?

If you have a question about a particular transaction, please contact Financial Services at (501) 569-3318.

For Freedom of Information Act requests, contact the Office of Communications at (501) 683-7397.