Lighting & Small Objects2018 Fall

Subject Applied Design (ARAD) 4313 Section 01 (CRN: 61055)

Prerequisite: ARAD 4310 and 4311. An advanced course in Furniture Design that will introduce students to the basics of lighting and small functonal object design and construction. Students will design and construct several functional pieces, by developing working drawings and a scale models; practice appropriate material selection; and employ complex and appropriate joinery and finishing. (3 credit hours).
8 seats available (capacity: 10)
Credit Hours

Meeting times and locations

  • Tuesday, Thursday 9:25am - 12:05pm Windgate Art and Design 233(Studio)
    August 20th to December 11th, 2018 (16 weeks)



Art & Design


Arts, Letters, Sciences
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  • ARAD 4310 01 (CRN: 61054)
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